The Russia Anxiety: UK paperback out now

The UK paperback of The Russia Anxiety, published by Penguin, comes out this week.

‘A brilliant dissection of western prejudices about the Russians… This exciting and provocative book blows apart misconceptions about the Russian past.’ (Times Higher Education)

‘reengages a critically important debate in Russian studies… Every two decades or so comes a book of ambitious historical reassessment that deserves a wide readership.’ (Russian Review)

The gap between Russia and the West is at an historic high. No country arouses greater anxieties. Few countries look more sinister. Why has this happened, and how dangerous is it?

Telling stories and introducing characters from every age of the Russian past, The Russia Anxiety addresses the biggest questions about Russia’s development over centuries. Is Russia doomed to be a dictatorship? Does it seek war? Is it actually part of the West?

At the heart of the book is the argument that Russian history is more ‘normal’ than it often appears, that its state and people are not the same thing, and that a critical engagement with history opens up a new way of looking at Russia. Full of contentions with which readers might agree or disagree, it’s a dynamic interpretation of Russian history that I hope you will enjoy.